USA Football

2021 Parent Volunteer Requirements

We are so grateful for all of our parent volunteers each and every season. It takes so much to run our program and make the season successful for our kids. In order to continue running our program smoothly through the season, we rely on the help of our parent volunteers. You as parents can help make our program successful. We have two options for the 2020 season, please see below:

Volunteer Option #1: VOLUNTEER (16hrs for single player/ 20hrs for family)

-We will collect a $300 check | or Credit Card signed authorization, post dated for the last day of our season. Complete your 16 or 20 hours and we shred your check/authorization. Will will not process payment unless you have not completed the total number of hours required, and/or you have failed to turn in your equipment.

Volunteer Option #2: BUYOUT

-You can buyout your volunteer hours by writing a $300 check or paying by credit card at one of our onsite registration dates. You will not be required to complete any volunteer hours, and will not be able to sign up to do so unless we ask. This will give our volunteer coordinator better understand of who we need to keep track of and send out reminders and sign ups for season volunteer positions.

More information on the upcoming Volunteer Sign Ups will be available as we get closer to season start!